Alexander Carôt
Hochschule Anhalt
Fachbereich Informatik und Sprachen

Project partners

Hochschule Anhalt (HSA)
Hochschule Anhalt (HSA)
Fachbereich Informatik und Sprachen
GENUIN recording group
GENUIN recording group
Professionelle Orchesteraufnahmen für Kino, Fernsehen und ComputerspieleAnsprechpartner:Dipl.-Tonmeister Holger Busse
Hochqualitative Videokonferenzen
Dr. Christian Höne


Conducted live music  via Internet.

Problem & State of the art

Problem / goal 1: Realization of a completely distributed orchestra consisting of 60 persons each playing at a different location.
Problem / goal 2: Despite the enormous complexity in the domain of distributed music an optimal usability must be achieved in order to address a maximum amount of users.

Technical goals & solutions

  • Investigation and development of an application-specific low-delay video function


  • Investigation and development of a conductor-video-component


  • Investigation and creation of a server-streaming-architecture for large music ensembles


  • Development of an Internetportal with low-delay Audio-Browserplugin


Innovations & results

  • Application of IR-videotracking technologies in order to achieve a minimal amount of video latency,
  • Creation of a mass-market „low-budget“ hologram,
  • Combination of social media functionality and audiostreaming engine within a single webportal.

Market and social impact

Instant exploitation by selling a software solution (Portal+Plugin) as premium license and via sales of LED-Hologramms.

Cross-project cooperations

  • fast haptic provides a haptic concept for the virtual interaction for fast music.
  • fast secure provides knowledge regarding encryption technologies for secure communication links to fast music.
  • fast music provides knowledge in terms of realtime long-distance communication via
    Internet to
    fast care.